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Photo: ACCP archive

Photo: ACCP archive

In response to a growth model based on mass tourism in the region, the Cabo Pulmo community has been actively promoting a development model that is compatible with environmental conservation and the well-being of local communities. As a result, in 2011 we created a vision with all members of the community: Cabo Pulmo, a sea, land and people sanctuary, a truly ecological, rustic, and authentic destination.


To advance this vision, we developed a Strategic Plan that includes three main lines of action: promoting a harmonious and comprehensive development of the community, strengthening the local economy and tourism industry, and participate in the conservation of Cabo Pulmo National Park. Currently, the community is organized in various committees working towards each of these goals.


Through our Strengthening sustainable development program,  Friends for the Conservation of Cabo Pulmo have promoted community meetings that create opportunities for the community, government agencies, and academic and research institutions are able to share information about the Cabo Pulmo National Park, the community and the surrounding area.


These community meetings are held in Cabo Pulmo on the first Wednesday of each month. The results of these meetings have been great.  The meetings have helped actors learn, express themselves and in some cases, reach agreements.