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Cabo Pulmo is located in Los Cabos, in the southern portion of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. Just off its coast is the largest coral reef in the Gulf of California and one of the oldest in the Eastern Pacific.


You can get to Cabo Pulmo from San Jose (93 miles approx) or La Paz (124 km approx) by taking Highway # 1 and turning at Las Cuevas village towards La Ribera and taking a 12-mile dirt road.


Cabo Pulmo is a small community of about 120 residents, many of whom are devoted to their family owned tourism businesses: restaurants, bungalow rentals, cottages, and shops that provide diving, kayaking, bike rentals and horse riding services.


Cabo Pulmo offers hiking trails, such as Puurum trail, which in the ancient Pericú language means mountainous place. This trail was built by people from the community to highlight the historical and cultural value of the land. For more information click HERE




If you are visiting Cabo Pulmo for the first time, keep in mind the following considerations:

• Electricity comes primarily from generators and solar cells

• There are no ATM's and most local stores accept cash only

• Cabo Pulmo is located in the desert so water availability is low; we would appreciate if you help us conserve water

• Cell phone service recently arrived

• Please use biodegradable sunscreen to avoid harming marine life

• Cabo Pulmo is a quiet community, and fortunately to date there haven’t been any crime-related problems

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