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Cabo Pulmo is regarded today as the window to Gulf of California's  past, which was once dubbed "the aquarium of the world" by the legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau for its rich biodiversity and marine life.


It is comprised by 11 of the 14 coral species found in the Gulf of California and is home to 226 fish species, including several of commercial interest. There are also marine mammals, sharks and five species of sea turtles, some of which use the beaches for nesting.


Today, Cabo Pulmo is one of the most successful marine reserves in the world.


Research has found that the reef shows clear signs of recovery since the creation of the Cabo Pulmo Park:


• In 10 years, fish presence has increased to make the park the place with the highest concentration throughout the Gulf of California.


• This has allowed the return of species rarely found elsewhere, such as sharks and other large fish to populate the reef.


• The creation of the Park and conservation activities by local residents, has allowed the reef to recover its natural state before being affected by fishing and anchor damage.


• These accomplishments prove that it is possible to recover the wealth of the oceans for the benefit of everyone.




Today, Cabo Pulmo is a world leader in marine conservation with community participation.  This is a proud achievement of ours and all Mexicans.




(Octavio Aburto, PhD. and co-authors, 2011. Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego and National Geographic Society)

Marco O. Aburto-Oropeza: maburto@mail.ucsd.edu


To learn more about Cabo Pulmo National Park, download the Conservation Management Plan  HERE